I think this would be quite difficult to handle...

Many of us don't play with the same rythm (for example, I'm afraid I haven't played for a week...)... and, well, this would be a nice idea for those Bethesda guys but... there is no way for each of us to compare our characters. Daggerfall is no -on-line game, and the adventures each player can "live" are not connected to each other. You may for example say "Vyliana is back from a kill-a-vampire quest" but what would be the interest for the other players? Vyliana's quest has no connexion at all with our games -and almost none either with the future of your character ;o)

Of course, in an ideal world, where Bethesda would have implemented on-line Daggerfall, this could be great! But sadly, it isn't the case :o(

Anyway, if you really want to do it, I can create another forum, as a Tavern. Yet I am not sure it would be as used as this one ;o)

And by the way (and really off-topic), how did you find my site? I assume, as you write from Belgia and in english, that you are Fleming?

[Barre dorée]