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The tracks:

I find it a bit repetitive, yet I must admit I don't really like Mike's own voice... But the second half is far more pleasant for me: what a pity I can't split the track!

Moonlight Shadow
One of the most famous Mike's pieces... and one of my favourite! Of course, Maggie Reilly's voice is still divine...

In High Places
A strange piece; there isn't enough rythm to my mind, and one more time I find it a bit too repetitive.

Foreign Affair
Although this part is also quite repetitive (what an euphemism...), I think it is relaxing and I often can't stop singing it after hearing...

Taurus III
One of my favourite Mike's pieces... Parts of guitar playing a charming spanish-like air altern with instants of "furia".

Shadow on the Wall
On my CD, this part comes just after the end of Taurus III. The contrast is almost violent between both. Let me direct : I don't like Shadow on the Wall at all (yes, one can be one of Mike's fans, and still be able not to love all that he produces ;-) ).

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