Hergest Ridge

Hergest Ridge

©1974 Virgin Records Ltd

The tracks:

Part I
A long and relaxing introduction slowly introduces a little melody which is gradually amplified; The part continues with the coming back of the first melody, and then suddenly stops. Another melody begins, strangely repetitive, which introduces the main theme. This one always reminds me of Christmas time - isn'it a troïka behind? A chorus then places us in the clouds until the end of the part...

Part II
This one also begins with a cute little melody. In fact, while currently listening to them when writing this page, I find these two introductions are among my favourite ones... The volume suddenly drops into a whistle, and then begins one of the most surprising pieces -according to me, but there are some other ones! The synthetizer breaks out into a quite good air. Yet I must admit I can't easily support what follows: a long, very repetitive (one more time!) part. I know some people won't agree, but I just find it interesting at the beginning, then annoying and finally borying. It is a good thing for my nerves that it ends with a pleasant explosion of sounds. The final touch is given by the coming of a relaxing theme, which slowly and tenderly leads us to sleep; What a pleasant lullaby...

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